Team Development

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Hiring Help? Read This First! 3 tips for building the power team your business needs

Are you a small business owner or solopreneur who struggles to get everything on your list done in a day? You know, that list of things that follows you around the office, and maybe even home at night? It might be tempting to think, “if I just hired someone, things would be easier”.

  • Hiring help for a vegan business

When Success Hits…Do you need employees, or just a little help?

Success can be a strange thing at times. We all want it for our businesses... but success can be just as painful as failure if your business isn’t ready for it.

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Developing Your Dream Team: Tips on hiring the RIGHT people for your business

Building a strong team for your vegan business requires taking the time to find the RIGHT people. This means team members who not only have the skills you require, but who also fit with your business culture. If you are a solopreneur, this is even more important since your team is that much smaller and each member needs to complement your style.

Personal Development

  • why vegan business owners shouldn't always be on call

Are You On Call 24/7? Why you should be concerned if your answer is YES

Passionate, driven small business owners are what makes the vegan business world go round. But a common mistake that I often see hard-working entrepreneurs making is thinking that they have to be all things to their customers.

  • learning as a vegan business owner

What Have You Learned Lately? Why you should learn something new every month

On a daily basis so many things fight for our attention as business owners that training often falls low on the priority list. But in this fast-paced, information-driven world, it’s not an option for a successful business owner to fall behind... Of course, we all know we need to keep learning, but the hard part is making a commitment to actually doing so. This is where having a plan can really help - when you have a plan in place, you are that much more likely to meet your goals.

  • a hard day at vegan business

How To Recover From “One Of Those Days”

No one said that running a vegan business was going to be easy, but most vegan entrepreneurs are so excited about following their dream of doing meaningful work that it may take a while for reality to set in... But when you find yourself struggling, remember this is all part of the process. Life is all about balance, and running a business is no exception.