Finding Easy Money

As you approach the mid-year mark for the year, it's a good time to do a quick assessment of your financials. I want to encourage you to resist the temptation to wait until tax season to file those receipts, download your payment transactions and review your banks statements. If you act now, you might be surprised to find items that can increase your net income this year.

The Difference Between Good Goals and Bad Goals

This week I want to talk about some of the differences between good goals and bad goals. I have mentioned "Smart Goals" in the past, and they are really the standard out there as far as goal setting, and I'm not here to challenge that because I really do think it's a great approach. But what I want to do now is dig a little bit deeper. I want to talk about some of the pitfalls to avoid - things that can make the goals that you set for your business difficult to implement.

Growth, Profit, Customer and Community: Setting Goals for A Successful Business

So you've figured out whether you want to follow the Newbie, Average or Advanced planning process. What you need to do now is ground yourself so you can start to put the actual goals on paper, and to do this I find it's good to think of your goals in buckets. The four buckets I like to use are: Growth, Profit, Customer and Community. Obviously, you can make your buckets whatever you'd like, but for the process of brainstorming I recommend you come up with four.

Getting It Done: The Planning Process

For the past several weeks we have been talking about goals: Why Goal-Setting Matters for Veg Professionals, The Impact Goal-Setting Can Have On Your Veg Business, and Thinking About Your Goal Setting Process. In other words, we've been looking at the whys of goal setting - the big picture. This week we want to get into the HOW. These are the nitty gritty details that will take you step-by-step through the process of Getting It Done, and today, we're starting with the planning process of goal setting.

Team Development

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Hiring Help? Read This First! 3 tips for building the power team your business needs

Are you a small business owner or solopreneur who struggles to get everything on your list done in a day? You know, that list of things that follows you around the office, and maybe even home at night? It might be tempting to think, “if I just hired someone, things would be easier”.

  • Hiring help for a vegan business

When Success Hits…Do you need employees, or just a little help?

Success can be a strange thing at times. We all want it for our businesses... but success can be just as painful as failure if your business isn’t ready for it.

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Developing Your Dream Team: Tips on hiring the RIGHT people for your business

Building a strong team for your vegan business requires taking the time to find the RIGHT people. This means team members who not only have the skills you require, but who also fit with your business culture. If you are a solopreneur, this is even more important since your team is that much smaller and each member needs to complement your style.

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Personal Development

4 Pillars of a Power Skill Set

In my last article, I talked about four different skills - discipline, focus, organization and execution - that are critical for any vegan business owner to hone. Today, let’s go through each one, examining why they are each so important.

Do you have what it takes to run a successful vegan biz?

One of the hardest things to do for your business is find a rhythm to continuously propel it forward. Sure, you can send a newsletter once in awhile, or post on social media, or do a webinar, and feel like you’re doing good things to promote your vegan biz. But the truth is that it’s the ongoing work, the continuity of workflow, the DISCIPLINE that takes you from idea to success.

  • why vegan business owners shouldn't always be on call

Are You On Call 24/7? Why you should be concerned if your answer is YES

Passionate, driven small business owners are what makes the vegan business world go round. But a common mistake that I often see hard-working entrepreneurs making is thinking that they have to be all things to their customers.

  • learning as a vegan business owner

What Have You Learned Lately? Why you should learn something new every month

On a daily basis so many things fight for our attention as business owners that training often falls low on the priority list. But in this fast-paced, information-driven world, it’s not an option for a successful business owner to fall behind... Of course, we all know we need to keep learning, but the hard part is making a commitment to actually doing so. This is where having a plan can really help - when you have a plan in place, you are that much more likely to meet your goals.