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To help our community build better and stronger business, we are offing free vegan business planning and training guides. Below you can see our current list of guides and dig in.

An Ethical Business Code

  • ISSUE #1
  • Jul-2019

Vegan Business Essentials Guide #9: A NEW CODE: Creating an ethical business world The vegan business world is a unique and wonderful place because more often than not people start vegan businesses in order to help make the world a better, kinder, healthier and more sustainable place. This is uncharted territory, and it’s challenging for that reason (and many others). […]


Getting Unstuck

  • ISSUE #2
  • Apr-2019

Vegan Business Essentials Guide #8: GETTING UNSTUCK — Find your footing, grow your confidence and avoid pitfalls It’s not easy to run a vegan business — there are plenty of pitfalls and roadblocks that await, and there are times when you will just feel STUCK. But fortunately there are lots of vegan entrepreneurs who have come before you, and this […]


Starting A Vegan Business

  • ISSUE #3
  • Feb-2019

Vegan Business Essentials Guide #7: Go For The Gusto – Starting A Vegan Business The Vegan Marketplace is taking off, and more vegans than ever are thinking about dipping their toe in to start the vegan business they’ve been dreaming of. We at Vegan Mainstream are, of course, over the moon about this! And we are well poised to offer […]


Making The Sale

  • ISSUE #4
  • Feb-2019

To ensure that your vegan business is sustainable over time, it’s important to make sure you have a viable sales process in place, because having a successful business is only partly about having a great product or service; you also need to be able to sell that product/service! The articles in this guide are designed to help vegan business owners […]


Networking Know-How

  • ISSUE #5
  • Oct-2018

Networking is not something that necessarily comes naturally — it may look easy from the outside, but when you are faced with actually doing it you may realize there is more to efficient, effective networking than originally meets the eye. Everyone’s style of networking is a little bit different — after all, this is a highly personal topic. However, the […]


Building Your Biz’s Best Asset…You

  • ISSUE #6
  • May-2018

Vegan Business Essentials Guide #4: Building Your Biz’s Best Asset…You 7 Articles  When you’re a vegan business owner, and especially a solopreneur, there is so much to do in a day that it can be easy to constantly push professional development to the back burner. But it’s a mistake not to take time to develop your skills and stay on […]


Marketing Madness

  • ISSUE #7
  • Apr-2018

Vegan Business Essentials Guide #2: Marketing Madness 8 Articles – Read Time: 20 Minutes   Being good at marketing is not an option when you are a vegan business owner. If your marketing strategy is not working (or doesn’t exist), it doesn’t matter how amazing you or the products/services you have to offer the world may be – because no […]


Setting Goals For Your Biz – And Meeting Them!

  • ISSUE #8
  • Apr-2018

Vegan Business Essentials Guide #3:  Setting Goals For Your Biz – And Meeting Them! Planning and goal-setting are crucial to the long-term success of any business. Yet these are processes that many business owners and entrepreneurs overlook, or do in a haphazard fashion, especially in the first exciting months or years of a new venture. Eventually the importance of this […]


The Ins and Outs of Hiring Right

  • ISSUE #9
  • Apr-2018

Vegan Business Essentials Guide #1: The Ins and Outs of Hiring Right When you are faced with hiring for the first time, it can be intimidating, and difficult to know exactly who you should hire, or what you need to do to find them. It’s a huge learning curve! You can do it the hard way, trusting yourself to learn […]



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